Inject Life to the Loft with these weird yet Wonderful Ideas!

Are you looking for the ideas that can make the loft look brighter? Well, there are multiple facts that can help in making the attic one of the wonderful places to live. The first that needs to be pondered is the size of the attic because the whole design depends on the size. A small loft would require you to be creative. The loft conversions in Essex require proper utilization of resources especially if you want to convert the place into a living room or home office. Besides, if you wondering regarding the stuff you need to bring in, then reading this blog would prove helpful to you:

  • Start with the Walls!

The walls of the living room should be designed in a way that whenever you enter a room, you feel good enough to spend time there. The paintings are obviously mandatory to install but choosing stylish wallpaper for at least one wall would be a great option. Well, if you are going to design the attic room for your teenage girl, she’ll surely like to add some fairy lights to the wall adjacent to the bed. More on, the walls other than paper should be painted well by choosing a perfect contrast.

  • Bring Floor Lamp and Table Lamp!

The floor lamp looks cool and doesn’t even occupy extra space. Chairs with high back are also in trend. The floor lamp on the side of high chairs will look stunning and the room will get a wow factor. Besides, the table lamp is also one of the mandatory things. In most of the cases, single beds are being placed in the attic room. So, a stylish table lamp on the side of the bed will prove a great choice.

  • Add Stylish Vinyl Floor!

The floor of the attic room shouldn’t be ordinary at all. Having lavish walls, bed, and lamps can give a more beautiful appeal if you prefer vinyl floor for the room. However, a dull odd floor won’t prove exciting and the overall appeal will also give an ordinary touch. So, flooring is something that needs to be considered while deciding the overall theme of the attic room.

  • Bring indoor Plants!

The indoor plants in the living room can add a soothing and soft touch to the place, which is liked by everyone. The lush green plants will add life to the living room and you’ll enjoy the theme as a whole.

Let the Loft give you the best use of Study Room!


It is a fact that most of the homeowners do not utilize the loft space for the best purpose rather they use it for keeping unnecessary stuff. A prudent approach is to ensure the best utilization of space while making sure a de-cluttered appeal. The trend of stylish loft conversions in Essex is increasing from the past few years. So, people are getting aware of the actual use of attic and now everyone prefers adding value to their home with loft conversion. Well, if you are a student and want a peaceful yet perfectly organized study room in your home then, of course, this blog will prove good to read.

  • Make Book Shelves!

The bookshelves are obviously indispensable to have in the study room. You can make the shelves in a stylish way while ensuring that all the books can be kept in an organized manner. You are recommended to not prefer the selves of equal size because in that case, an eye-catchy appeal won’t be ensured.

  • Create a Centre of Attraction with Study Table!

The study table is what which is the main focus of any study room. So, it will be good if you bring in the most suitable table. Well, it must have drawers, bookshelf, and pen holders. The size of the table shouldn’t be extras small either very large. However, make sure that keeping all the stuff including notes, laptop, and the lamp is easy.

  • Choose a Chargeable Lamp!

The table lamp should be chargeable as if there is a shortfall of electricity, you’ll be able to manage the study routine with charged lamp. More on, the lamp doesn’t require cable and plug as well. So, you’ll be able to keep the table anywhere in the study room without being bothered about the electricity plug and a mess of cables. It will definitely become easy for you to keep the room perfectly organized.

  • Make a Spare Rack for Old Notes!

Old notes shouldn’t be thrown away as you may have to consult such notes for references. So, it will be good if you make a spare rack in the room that will definitely make it easy to manage all the notes in a perfect manner. Besides, you’ll get an opportunity to keep the notes according to dates whereas old and new study material won’t mix up. In short, this is how you’ll be able to get the best use of loft as a study room.

Turn Loft into Play room by following easiest 4 ways

You may have come across numerous things that can turn your empty-spaced loft into a new space but have you ever given a thought to turn this place into an exciting playroom for kids. Well, this is a time to do something exciting for limited space. In this blog, we have shared the easiest ways to follow to turn the loft into the kids’ playroom. What else we people need to do for this for creating a beautiful place.

Pick Interesting wallpaper

 It’s imperative to make the place interesting for kids, and this one would be possible only by picking attractive wallpaper to turn the area into magical space. You can take the assistance of designers who have been designing playrooms for many toddlers and kids, but if you can’t afford their hiring then search desired results over the internet. For the spacious space, it would be easy to convert the attic into play and sleeping area and somehow divide this place into the workspace.

Select the right combinations for wall paints

 We all are looking forward to making this space interesting for every kid, and it’s essential to select the right combination for wall paints. Keep it to minimalist as per your baby’s choice. If you want to go for a modern approach, then select dark color combinations with grey or white tones. Use bold focal points and prints to attract your kids. We suggest you keep the attic space spacious and airy with the right selection of wall paints. You can see great examples of kids room by a professional loft conversion in Essex. Go and check their masterpieces you are going to love it.

Create Storage Shelves

 Well, limited attic space may not have sufficient space for storage, so creating storage shelves will reduce this issue. Keep the books and toys over these shelves with proper management. These shelves will look exceptional and increase the grace of kids’ space. They are going to love this.

Place Exciting Furniture

 We don’t suggest you place elevated furniture in lower ceiling space. It would be difficult for you in the loft so put exciting designs of furniture especially in bold colors to grab the attention of kids and for making space extraordinary beautiful.

Try out these ideas for making kids area super exciting for them. Consider perfect and limited lighting to create an unobstructed view. Create some funny things as well for enhancing the appearance and making it appealing so they can get pleasure whenever they play here.






What to choose: Move or Improve?

It is a fact that the home where we live affects our status in society and this is a reason due to which everybody prefers living in a luxurious home. Well, if the living space is small and you are stuck between the options of moving and improving, then you should definitely ponder the basic facts. Moving seems exciting because a large house can surely add value to your status. But wait, do you actually have a large investment for buying a new house? Well, some people think that living in a large house on rent can also prove beneficial. But there are certain hidden facts that should be compared while deciding the home.

  • Moving is 60% more Costly!

It has been analysed that moving is 60% more costly then improving so it can increase the cost graph. More on, buying a new house is an absolutely expensive option and it cannot b afforded by the people who earn a limited amount every month. The improvement in the house doesn’t fall under the category of expense because it adds value whereas it never proves as costly as moving to a new place.

  • Shifting the Home is Messy!

Can you handle all the fuss that is created in the result of shifting? Moving to a new place is full of a mess as packing the luggage winding up all the necessary tasks can prove nerve-wracking. Besides this, hiring movers for shifting the stuff is also a costly job. More on, designing and decorating the new place can also prove a tough job.

  • Loft Conversion can give an Extra Space!

The need for extra space can be fulfilled by simply doing the loft conversion. The extra room can be managed in the result of the conversion. The flawless loft conversions in Essex prove quite suitable to the households who want extra space while adding value to the house. The best thing is the availability of a room that helps to overcome the space problems.

  • Improving adds Value to the Place!

When you choose to convert the attic, the extra room in the house will add value to the place, and the market price of the house will be increased. It means that you should prefer the improvement over moving because there are unlimited benefits of loft conversion that can be achieved while living in the same house.

5 Interesting ideas for attic room transformation

Well, attic space can be converted into so many areas. If you want to transform the space into different places then by reading this blog, you will get to know about multiple ideas. Check it out the following exciting ideas to give your area an elegant view. What else you can do with attic room is described below? Let’s have a look


The sleeping room located in the attic always gives a beautiful or eye-catching view. In such rooms, there is usually single a bed. You can add some space for a dressing place and coffee table. A great idea would be to allocate part of the room to the dressing room. If you prefer dressing cabinets, then their forms should completely follow the contours of the wall. Loft boarding in Essex is also a part of the attic rooms nowadays for making the place easy to use for storage.

Home Office

Home office concept is quite famous these days. It is a great place for quiet and focused work. Use the soundproofed flooring for attic space to avoid any further disturbance.

Kids room

 What about settling your kid in a separate room and that can be arranged in an attic? For those who are developing a room project for a baby in the attic, make sure you have proper ventilation and natural lighting. Finishing materials for the nursery are better to choose natural. The color scheme should be selected from neutral or pastel colors with the addition of bright accents, but adults are free to decorate the interior in any shades.

Gaming area

 Many people want to dedicate any corner of the room in a gaming area. What else can you do then? You can put several sofas and a tea table there. In a room without windows, it is better to place a billiard table or foosball table. Create a synthetic garden for giving it a real touch in the attic space.

Small gym

 You all may be getting tired of having multiples rooms and now looking forward to such a solution that should beyond than this. Go for the personal gym in the attic space. Add some lights to fulfill the need for natural lighting. Spotlights can be used for this space.

These are some exciting ideas for transforming attic rooms into multiple spaces. Get the services of experts to finalize the better and appropriate area.

5 Ways of choosing Best Material for Loft Insulation!

Heat loss is one of the major reasons that play a role in high energy bills. The roof of a room and walls should be properly insulated if the households want to save the energy. Well, it is not like all the insulation materials prevent a place from heat loss as only reliable material does this. So, it is crucial to choose a material wisely because otherwise, the investment will be of no use. However, here, some easy ways are described that can help you to choose the best material for loft insulation.

A Well-Reputed Company should be your First Choice!

Companies earn a reputation by selling reliable products and that is why every wise person prefers to buy insulation material from well-reputed brands only. So when you go to buy material for loft insulation in Essex, try to rely on a brand that holds a good reputation. It is true that you’ll have to pay a bit high price but you won’t have to reinstall the insulation every now and then.

Choose a Product with High R-Value!
R-value is a measuring unit that identifies how well an object can resist heat loss. The experts recommend that households should choose insulation material with high R-Value. So, whenever you go for buying the stuff for loft insulation, make sure to ask the retailer for material with greater R-Value as it will help you to get the best use of insulation. All the insulating objects that hold excellent thermal insulating properties have high R-Value. So, one must pay attention to such facts while buying material.

Search on Google!

You must be thinking that how would you know the real facts about loft insulation. Well, it is absolutely easy as Google can show you all the facts with details. More on, try to find top insulating companies over the internet and this is how you will not only come to know about the well-reputed companies but the rating and reviews will also prove helpful.

Avoid Recycled Material!

Yes, recycled material doesn’t last very long so one must go for the new material that can prevent the heat loss in a better way. Most of the insulation materials are made of sheep wool, foil-based, phenolic foam, hemp, stone wool, PIR board, and wood fibre. It is crucial to know the merits and demerits of all types of material used in the insulation as otherwise, you won’t be able to choose the best.

Flawless Installation is also mandatory!

The installation process should also be pondered while buying a material as blanket insulation usually proves easy to install and gives a seamless appeal too. Well, you should make sure that you have hired an expert for the installation work. All the above ways can surely help households to buy the best material for loft insulation.